Journalism/Editorial Samples

Monsters and Heraldry in Drumnadrochit
Travel article for Drumnadrochit Scotland on Loch Ness.
Digital Assassins Converge on WeMedia Conference
Coverage of WeMedia Conference
Scoffers Boffed Web 3.0 “The Intrinsic Web”
Beyond Web 2.0. An intriguing look at the future of the Web.
Guide to Flipping Houses
Flipping houses guide for Inc. 100 rated Fortune Builders.
Boonex Social Media Software Guide
Features and benefits guide for Boonex social media software oriented towards online dating communities.
Truth About Supplements
Dietary Supplement Guide/White Paper for Fountain Health
Venezuelan Film Festival Tribeca
Press release for the Venezuelan Film Festival at Tribeca.
Grant Proposal Needs Assessment
Fundraising grant needs assessment for Hollywood Education and Literacy Project.
Antioxidants and Your Brain
Monthly Natural Life Observer Newsletter covering a range of health topics.
Why IT Rockstars choose Computer Security Solutions to regain control of their information security
Features and benefits guide for network security