Writing Samples

Below you will find several samples of copy I have written for a range of clients and projects. If you are looking for something specific and don’t see it here ask.

Priacta Time Management Video

Concept and copy for Priacta Total Relaxed Organization.


Liberty University

So many choices when it comes to online education. Ad media is costly and competition high. These pages have to perform. I felt the strongest points in Liberty University’s favor were credibility and social proof. I wanted to highlight accreditation, status as the largest Christian university, flexibility, affordability, and abundance of course offerings. The second challenge was conceptualizing the response device to ensure users filled out the form. I did this by showing it was easy and could be done in two steps.



Landing Page for Stars of A&E’s Hit TV Show Flip this House

I provided copy and creative direction for a number of direct response campaigns that helped grow Fortune Builders to an Inc. 100 business. This included landing pages, long copy sales pages, emails, call center sales scripts and other collateral. This page targetted hungry newbie real estate investors challenging them to attend the free online training and not flip a house within 30 days; a highly compelling offer that performed well.



Novoslim Postcard

I loved this postcard for the Novoslim(from the makers of leading non-hormonal menopause relief supplement Amberen) product launch. This concept and copy stood out in high contrast to the other proposed variations and competitor’s mailings. With only seconds to grab a prospect’s attention, direct mail needs to POP!

French Women

CCG Investments Landing Page

What you see here were pieces from campaigns targeting three types of investors: Equity Investors, Gold Investors, and “Tea Party” types. Can you guess which piece targets which type of investor? These campaigns were promoted via conservative talk radio personalities and produced stellar results.





Poker Player Academy Email

I don’t even play poker but I was excited about what Poker Player Academy had to offer. This was one email that summarizes the offer well. My role was to take the concept and set the tone for a high converting launch campaign that included video scripts, landing and capture pages, and emails.


8WeeksOut Squeeze Page Copy

Again, tough choice and a lot of competition in the workout video space. Fortunately we had the targeting down and this niche was fairly narrow. Joel’s credibility speaks for itself, he’s trained seven world champions and worked with almost every big name in the industry. I provided copy, creative direction, and offer development.

Investor Newsletter Solo Stock Promo

Successful solo stock promotion following old advertising maxim AIDA; Attention, Interest, Desire, Action.


Display Ad for Liproxenol

Successful display ad for Liproxenol’s American debut. My angle for this piece was to draw readers in with a fascinating headline and build interest and desire using credibility, testimonials, etc. and then test various offers for the U.S. market by directing visitors to the website.